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What people have to share: Rikki

"I have worked with Carolina and Pedro in person on several occasions, and I have also had the honor of working with Carolina remotely. 
I always find myself reaching out in moments of chaos, turmoil, confusion and pain.  Carolina always takes her time in the beginning of our sessions to understand what is coming up for me.  She listens with an open heart and shares so many beautiful insights and downloads that come her way.  I never feel judged and always feel heard, seen and held. 
She then takes time to sing her icaros to me.  What follows always surprises me, no matter how many sessions I have done with her before.  It becomes an embodied experience as I feel deep healing moving through me, downloads coming, my beautiful inner child always being held and supported, and massive energetic shifts.  The experience is so beautiful, healing, divine, and pure. 
I am always brought to tears of joy and those beautiful healing and energetic shifts then continue to ripple out to every aspect of my life shifting my relationships, my work, and my sense of self in the most beautiful way. Pedro and Carolina are true healers, and I am forever grateful for their beautiful dedication to healing in this world.
I was led to them during the most challenging time in my life, and it is so clear to me why. I asked for guidance, and I have been guided to them and am truly blessed in their presence.  I have worked with all types of healers and no one compares to Carolina and Pedro. It is truly a blessing to know them and to receive their transmission."
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