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Held via Zoom on the second Tuesday of every month

Saying yes to joining our community, is saying yes to creating a beautiful space for yourself each month to feel, reflect, receive, release, and recharge in a very beautiful and potent way. 


Through our training we grew into the understanding of how to thoroughly purify, attune, liberate, align, and strengthen the core of one’s energetic being anchored through the frequency and vibration of our voices with very special melodic transmissions and prayers embodied through songs and chants called icaros. 


These songs at their true essence are living, breathing prayers carrying transmissions of connection, light, and harmony.  Allowing divine loving consciousness to be expressed and embodied, bringing profound levels of healing, releasing, and reprogramming on all levels of your being. 


We have seen so many miracles over the years!! 


Every soul that has made it’s journey here to earth is carrying it’s own unique set of experiences and lessons,  

it's own complex mental, emotional, physical, and energetic traumas, ego patterns, nervous system wiring and general sets of challenges. However, there is a divine blueprint which we all hold within our beings which when accessed can bring the greatest understanding, clarity and support to each of our unique evolutionary pathways. Whatever you call it, the I Am, the God self, our Higher Self, Christ Consciousness or the limitless human potential, it is our greatest joy and mission to nurture and awaken that greatness within ourselves and others with deep care and kindness.

How to Prepare and What to Expect:

*Whether you are able to join us live or are receiving through the replay please make sure you are in a calm space where you can lay down and fully receive the transmission.  


*It is nice if you can light a candle and if you work with sage or incense to clear the room before we begin that would also be helpful


*It isn’t uncommon for people to experience emotional releases and physical sensations.  Please make sure you have a glass of water, some tissue, and anything else you need to be comfortable.  


*You will be encouraged to work with slow deep breathing to help you drop in deeply to the space we are opening with the frequency of our voices and benevolent forces of love and light that we weave into the energetic field.  


*This is your time to recharge on a monthly basis.  To drop into yourself and liberate any stuck or blocked energy.  Reminding you of your divinity and the truth of the light within you.  This is our gift and service to you and we know the impact will be great for those who commit to these journeys as we as a community join in Anchoring Light!!!

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