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Personal Sessions
Personalized healing & guidance
for individuals & couples

Working with us one on one is an opportunity to really go deep and receive our focused and direct intuitive healing and guidance.  A very personalized experience based on your specific healing journey and where you are wishing to receive support.  Our approach is always rooted in deep love and compassion. 


We have a unique way of helping people to discover the very roots of their healing process, to truly meet yourself at the deepest and most intimate level, opening the path to feelings of deep liberation and lasting benefits in your life. Then, through the energetic work we weave it all in.  This helps to release energy blockages felt in the physical body, nervous system, emotions, and ultimately shifting into a more harmonious and fulfilled state of being.  These sessions are like a private mini ceremony and people experience profound shifts and breakthroughs.

If you are working with us for the first time, it is highly recommended that you commit to 3 sessions over 6 weeks.

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 Who would benefit from these sessions:

  • People with known traumas that feel stuck in a loop and not sure how to breakthrough.  

  • People who suffer from anxiety or depression and don’t yet understand why it is happening.  

  • People who have tried other healing modalities and are only making small amounts of progress or are ready to take it to the next level

  • People with physical illnesses

  • People integrating or preparing to work with plant medicines

  • We have worked with all types of trauma with great success.  We also can assist greatly with addictions and relationship dynamics.  

What to expect:


  •  These sessions will go for up to 1.5 hours 

  • We will spend the first part processing what you are wishing to receive support with and offering guidance.  This often times greatly expands people’s perspective on things, empowers them to see their own patterns, and teaches them how to meet themselves in new ways of compassion and understanding.  Through these levels of discovery the walls and coping mechanisms start to soften and access to the root of healing can be revealed.  

  • Then we move into the energetic work.  This will be through guided meditation, prayer, and singing the healing songs we work with called icaros.  It is very common for people to experience emotional releases, types of purging, and body sensations.  We move big amounts of energy!!!  

  • These sessions are available to those who have worked with us before, AND those who have not.  It is not necessary that you have worked with Ayahuasca to receive this healing work.  

  • It continues to amaze us how much people receive even in just one session!  And those that choose to do ongoing work with us are making even greater leaps and bounds in the progress of their healing.


We welcome you to reach out for support and to share this with other’s needing support.  You can e-mail us at to set up a session with either Carolina or Pedro (please specify if you have a preference).  

1.5 hour Personalized Healing Session $200

2 hour Couples Harmonizing Session with Carolina & Pedro $350

Receive a 10% discount on these offerings when you join our Monthly Membership PLUS

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